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 Anastasios  Ntabizas

Anastasios Ntabizas

Business Development Manager
Phone: 2310224080

Mr. Anastasios Ntabizas is the Business Development Manager of SEERC. He holds a Master’s degree in Marketing, Advertising and PR from the University of Sheffield and a BSc degree in Computing & Management Science from Loughborough University, UK.

He has worked as a Coordinator / Team Leader at NOESIS -Thessaloniki Science Center & Technology Museum, where he trained and supported a large number of individuals for the purposes of ‘New beginning in EPAL’ initiative, a large scale project of the Ministry of Education, that foresees a series of ESF-funded interventions running in 398 EPAL Schools throughout the country, for the period of 2018-2021, with action plans linking VET with local communities and establishing cooperation with the greater educational and scientific society. 

He held the position of the Community based organisations Coordinator for INTERSOS, where he coordinated, trained and supported many local Community Based Organizations in partnership with UNHCR, in the preparation, submission and implementation of CBO Projects and their relative proposals.

He was also employed for many years in the SEPVE - Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece, where he managed various large scale National and European funded projects.

He has organized a significant number of expert meetings, conferences and brokerage events in Greece and various EU countries. He has more than 11 years’ experience as a consultant and manager working for NGOs and public sector organisations.

Research Projects

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