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Prof Ana  Vivas

Prof Ana Vivas

Affiliation: The University of Sheffield, International Faculty - CITY College, Psychology Department

Participation in

Research Projects

PhD Supervision

  • :
  • Vasielia Aristotelidou: Self- Disgust: a potential mediator in Parkinson disease.
  • Bujar Gallopeni: Investigating executive control and attention in relation to workload in younger and older employees: the role of psychological processes such as personal motivation, job satisfaction and work readiness as mediators/moderators of cognitive processes in elders’ employability.
  • Dr Fenia Kalogeropoulou: Facilitatory and Inhibitory Processes of Visuospatioal Attention in Schizophrenia Patients
  • Dr Aristea Ladas: The phenomenon of bilingualism and its effects on attention processes throughout the lifespan.
  • Dr Aleksandra Laketa: Cognitive correlates of bilingualism through the life-span
  • Dr Despoina Panagiotidou: "Visual Attention and Emotion: the deleterious effect of ignoring an object in the subsequent emotional evaluation"
  • Dr George Pavlidis: Social factors' influence on cognitive decline in the elderly population.
  • Ioanna Spentza: Factors Affecting Everyday Problem-Solving Skills in Older Adults
  • Dr Arvesa Studenica: Cognitive correlates of bilingualism through the life-span
  • Dr Marianna S. Tsatali: The relationship between impulsivity and self-consciousness emotions (self-disgust, shame and guilt) in patients with Parkinson’s disease


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