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An Organic Knowledge Management System for Small European Knowledge-intensive Companies

Project Concept

Small European companies compete on the basis of their know-how and hence need to utilize knowledge to their advantage. They are constrained by scarcity of resources and they thus need to do more, with less. However, knowledge management programs used by large organisations tend to be expensive, relatively inflexible and unsuitable for European knowledge-intensive SMEs. Traditional knowledge management usually focus on top-down, rigid and tightly controlled knowledge repositories. On the other hand, the increasing need of European knowledge-intensive SMEs for loosely-coupled collaboration, ad hoc knowledge sharing and utilisation, and open innovation structures, has led to a strong requirement for a next generation knowledge management system that manages and promotes social structures.

OrganiK (Grant Agreement number: 222225) will combine social software applications and semantic technology in order to develop an innovative knowledge management approach for European SMEs. The project will deliver a set of semantically-integrated social software tools, a well-tested and documented methodology for their application, and a set of five reference applications in use at the participating SMEs.

Project Results

  • Tactical and strategic business benefits for the participating SMEs in terms of economic growth, employment, market strategy, distribution channels, etc.
  • An innovative OrganiK technical architecture for Semantic Enterprise Social Software Application integration (i.e. Wiki and Blog work spaces, collaborative bookmarking application, search component).
  • An innovative knowledge management theoretical foundation regarding idiosyncratic small European high-tech companies.


31/08/2008 - 30/08/2010

SEERC Budget

228.000 €


7th Framework Programme - Research for the Benefit of SMEs, European Commission


Participating Researchers

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