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Promoting ICT cooperation opportunities and policy dialogue with the Western Balkan Countries

Project Concept

The ICT-WEB-PROMS project (Grant Agreement number: 231549) aims at supporting the establishment of the European Research Area (ERA) in the Western Balkan Countries (WBC), and turning organisations of this region into creators of ICT.

Its key objectives are:

  1. Networking of Western Balkan and EU countries in the area of ICT
  2. Increasing the capacity of organizations from Western Balkan countries to create ICT technology and participate in the FP7 ICT programme
  3. Creating a supporting project environment and tools that are sustainable
  4. Contributing to the implementation of ICT and information society strategies in the Western Balkan countries and supporting EU policy for co-operation with the WBC

Project Results

The main outcomes of the project are the following:
  • A network of organizations in Western Balkan Countries interested in participating in FP7/ICT, represented on the Web site, augmented by domain specific focus groups;
  • A specialised Web portal offering networking possibilities (which will continue to be maintained after the end of the project)
  • Material for training in technology and the FP7 programme.


01/01/2009 - 31/12/2010

SEERC Budget

40.150 €


7th Framework Programme - ICT, European Commission


Participating Researchers

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