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Inter-regional cooperation for valorisation of research results

Project Concept

A key issue in SEE area is that it is lagging behind in terms of Innovation even though it includes many active research units, producing results that cannot find their way to the market. INTERVALUE (Contract number: SEE/A/426/1.1/X) is rooted to the Digital Research Centre of Central Macedonia aiming to contribute in exploitation of academic research through development of a web pool of R&D results. It is realized that a missing element was the definition of those R&D results elements that block valorisation potential, through the involvement of experts. INTERVALUE aims to bride the gap between R&D creators, producers, financiers and marketers by creating a trans-national mechanism that facilitates the valorization of research results. Trans-nationality is emphasized since the various elements of R&D valorization (researchers, financiers, producers and marketers) could come from the same country and there will be interaction between researchers and transfer of experience between stakeholders in different countries.

The overall objective is to set up a mechanism covering most of the SEE area, which allows sharing and dissemination of key technologies and help to establish supply chains between the R&D institutions and the business sector. The project follows an integrated approach for strengthening the linkages among university R&D, industries, and public or private funding schemes through involvement of experts in evaluation and valorisation of R&D results.

INTERVALUE sets two strategic goals:

(i) Enhancement of interregional cooperation by enlarging the capacity and marketability of R&D results through joint actions and by creating critical mass of R&D results in selected areas.

(ii) Dissemination and commercial exploitation of research outcomes delivered from the SEE research centers which will improve their capabilities to demonstrate their research outcomes and will facilitating SMEs to find solutions in specific technological problems.

Project Results

(1) An R&D repository containing at least 850 R&D results and 370 expert assessments of the most promising of them will be created and form the base for the future R&D results repository of the region

(2) An average of 5 exploitation plans for new product ideas per participating country will be integrated ending up in valorisation agreements (39 in total).

(3) Participating institutions will integrate their capacity to support exploitation of R&D results.

(4) A sustainability plan for this initiative will be defined based on the experience gained throughout the project

(5) A network of R&D intermediaries covering most of SEE


01/04/2009 - 30/06/2012

SEERC Budget

218.000 €


South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme


Participating Researchers

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