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Innovation Policy in University City Regions

Project Concept

INNOPOLIS aims to identify regional best policy practice in the field of knowledge exchange between universities & enterprises. Having done so, INNOPOLIS will develop a simulation & a user-friendly electronic repository of the project's key outputs that can be used by regional authorities in transfering best policy practice, and thus actively supporting knowledge co-creation between universities & enterprises. The activities of INNOPOLIS focus on university city-regions, defined here as localities with at least three multi-departmental universities and at least 60,000 students (students used as a proxy of university knowledge endowments). This choice is on account of the profound diversity in the current ability of regional authorities to exploit the innovative potential of universities in such regions. Celebrated success regions are included in this project alongside regions where regional policy did not drive knowledge exchange.

Project Results

The results of INNOPOLIS will be disseminated to two types of audiences, using a comprehensive dissemination strategy. The first type includes key stakeholders within the regions of the project, the second type includes regional/authorities, universities & other stakeholders in other regions. Dissemination will be achieved through a website, a brochure, EU wide & regional public relations releases, a newsletter, regional launch events for the learning outputs, the launch of a professional journal & a disseminations conference.
The main outputs & results of the project are: the identification of best polciy practice, the development of new skills for policy-makers, the development of learning outputs: (collection of Case Studies- part (a), Best Policy Practice guide - part (b) & policy simulation & manual - part (c) ) that enable policy transfer, and the widesrpread dissemination of results of INNOPOLIS - so as to achieve maximum impact on university city-regions across the EU.


01/01/2010 - 31/12/2012

SEERC Budget

74.400 €




Participating Researchers

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