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Project Concept

This project focuses on the development and implementation of a game infused e-learning tool to promote health and early access to services for neglect and abuse for young people on the move in Europe. The e-learning tool will be co-produced by twenty-four young people with knowledge or experience of neglect and abuse, to help keep young people safe as they cross Europe.

The e-learning tool developed by the project is intended to afford young people from across Europe the opportunity to learn more about the different child protection systems in existence across the EU to help find early routes for help, if they are experiencing a problem of neglect and, or abuse.  Professionals will also benefit from the e-learning tool as a guide to young people's emotional journey of recognition, telling and help seeking. The project builds on learning by partner organizations who have in previous work examined child protection systems from a EU context and youth perspective.  Anglia Ruskin and East Anglia University examined young people’s emotional journey of recognition, telling and seeking help with abuse and neglect, which was funded by the Office of Children’s Commissioner, in England. The framework developed from the study is used here to help structure the game. The second project completed by Walsall Council, European University Cyprus and City academy called ‘Keep Me Safe’ centered on the development of a prototype game and was funded by the Daphne-YOU RESPOND (Horwarth et al, 2010). 

The ‘Keep Me Safe in Europe’ project builds on these two separate, but complementary, projects with a focus on how to use a youth-centric technology to primarily keep young people safe as they move across Europe and up skill professional groups. Young people will be trained and supported to co-design and develop the e-learning tool which will raises the profile of vulnerable young people as European citizens capable of knowing, understanding and responding to their own risks. The project framework enables groups of vulnerable young people to provide insights about their own issues and problems through a supportive mechanism that seeks to achieve voice, impact and improvement within social policy and social work environments.

The objectives have been designed in response to the current inconsistency of youth-led resources available to support the safeguarding of children and young people throughout the EU and online. Key to the success of this new project is the role of 3 groups of young people from different EU countries who will lead.

Project Results


01/10/2014 - 30/09/2016

SEERC Budget

30.000 €




Participating Researchers

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