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BordEUr: Jean Monnet New European Borderlands’ Network

Project Concept

The 2015 ‘migration crisis’ has put unprecedented pressure on the European Union, contributing to a crisis of institutions, politics and identity. By trying to cope with these issues, member states and the EU itself have resulted to various political remedies, which have never been solely about migration and borders. These measures also tell us about the societies that implement them. In other words, how the EU and its member states deal with outsiders, how outsiders are defined and how their movement is controlled through borders also betray what these communities are, and what they will become.  BordEUr is a recently launched research network of nine universities that addresses the impact of recent developments in the EU’s and its member states’ bordering practices, how these practices are framed, and how the assigned meanings potentially clash with the EU’s identity as an international actor.  

Project Results

An edited volume, a policy paper, four closed workshops and four open events, the project website.


01/09/2019 - 31/08/2022

SEERC Budget

26.000 €


Jean Monnet Networks


Participating Researchers

  • Dr Petros Golitsis
  • Dr Alexandra Prodromidou, CITY College, University of York Europe Campus, Business Administration and Economics Department

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