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Reinventing the Distribution and Delivery of Personal Services through Cloud Apps and Marketplaces.

Project Concept

INVENT is an industry-driven collaborative research effort focusing on the generation of new knowledge to support the launch of innovative business models that capitalize on three major contemporary trends. The first trend is the rise of cross-platform apps as the predominant paradigm for software delivery. The second is the emergence of online marketplaces as intermediaries for distributing apps and cloud services. The third trend is the continuing and ever-increasing shift of consumers towards online discovery and consumption of personal services.

The results of the project will provide the foundation for redefining the value chain of personal service distribution and delivery, by leveraging apps and marketplaces in the cloud. The INVENT consortium comprises two industrial and two research partners from Germany and Greece.

Project Results

The main outcomes of the project will be:

  1. methodology and technology for developing next-generation cross-device apps on the basis of emerging web technology standards;
  2. design of next-generation marketplaces tailored to the distribution of personal services delivered through apps;
  3. provision of an onboarding environment supporting app lifecycle management and quality assurance;
  4. new business models for the distribution and delivery of personal services in the ‘app and mortar’ economy.


20/01/2014 - 30/11/2015

SEERC Budget

61.150 €




Participating Researchers

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