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Dr Adrian  Solomon

Dr Adrian Solomon

Senior Research Officer
Affiliation: SEERC

Experienced researcher & manager with expertise in environmentally sustainable and resilient organizations and in managing R&D projects involving innovative solutions and technologies for organizational competitiveness and compliance. In my current position as Deputy Director, I am in charge of my organisation's project/contract portfolio development, innovation development, and research impact achievement.

So far, I have successfully acquired and/or managed sixteen (16) projects amounting to more than 15.5 million Euros. The interest in environmental sustainability, technology and innovation developed through cutting-edge R&D also led to international recognition and consultancy requests. I have served as keynote speaker and panel speaker in numerous international events. Lastly, I have a passion for academic teaching and I am transferring the practical know-how into the academic curricula for modules related to Operations & Supply Chain Management, Technological Innovation, Digital Transformation & Entrepreneurship.

I hold a PhD in Environmentally Sustainable Supply Chains and a first class degree in computer science both from the University of Sheffield, UK.

Main areas of interest:

  • Environmentally sustainable and resilient supply chains
  • Ecoinnovation diffusion
  • Technologies for resilient and low carbon decision making
  • Business process modelling: Lifecycle assessment and CO2 impact mapping
  • Investigation of institutional interactions to enable the implementation of low carbon supply chains practices
  • Co-creation of policy makers, industry, innovation, society and environment to support low carbon supply chain practice

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