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Conference on Regional Innovation Strategy and Enterpreneurship

Conference on Regional Innovation Strategy and Enterpreneurship
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Event type Conference
Location Conference Centre, Thessaloniki Technology Park
Date(s) 09/03/2006 - 10/03/2006
Organiser(s) CERTH, AUTH, Univ. Macedonia, Euroconsultants
Website http://
In the context of the EU Lisbon strategy and the Greek Government’s policy to promote research and development and particularly the promotion of the ThessalonikiInnovation Zone, this conference on Regional Innovation Strategyand Entrepreneurship aims to contribute by demonstrating and disseminating European best practices, with a particular emphasis on British success inthis field. Necessary infra-structural components and their relations will be considered, together with the necessary mechanisms for the successful commercialisationof innovation. Case studies will look particularly at some of the sectors of regional importance, such as agrobiotechnology, life sciences and nanotechnology in textiles. The workshops onthe second day will examine what elements of that experience can be useful for regional innovation policy and practice in Greece and will further draw conclusions on the steps that must be taken to move ahead. Moreover, the conference aims at the creation of an ongoing dynamic regional forum in SE Europe that will discuss and promote policies and programmesin the area of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The established regional network will also contribute to the discussions of future Regional Innovation Planning for the Period 2007-2013 both for Greece and the neighbouring preaccessioncountries.

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