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Technology Innovation International Annual Conference (TII 2009)

Technology Innovation International Annual Conference (TII 2009)
Event type Conference
Location Thessaloniki, Greece
Date(s) 22/04/2009 - 24/04/2009
Organiser(s) South East European Research Centre, Technology Innovation International

Through its Annual Conference, the European Association for Technology Transfer and Innovation (TII) brings together innovation and technology professionals, universities and researchers, regional development agencies, science parks, incubators, and governmental agencies to share professional experiences and to facilitate business and networking opportunities.

The 2009 Technology Innovation International Conference was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, from 22nd to 24th of April, 2009. The conference was co-organized by the South East European Research Centre (SEERC), research centre of the University of Sheffield and CITY College, Greece, and Technology Innovation International, Luxembourg.

The theme of the conference was "Regional Excellence in Innovation: Case Studies from around the World", and was held in conjunction with the 2nd International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development (ICEIRD 2009).

The event attracted more than 120 participants from 30 different countries, including innovation and technology professionals, academics and researchers, representatives of regional development agencies, governmental agencies, science parks, and incubators.

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