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iCBA project - The Intelligent Business Accelerator

iCBA project - The Intelligent Business Accelerator
Added on 22/09/2021

The final event of the Intelligent Cross Border Accelerator for ICT (iCBA) project, which has been implemented for the last 2 years within the INTERREG Cross-Border Cooperation Program, was held with great success on 16 and 17 September 2021.


The best 26 teams (15 from Greece and 11 from North Macedonia) presented their business models in front of 38 investors, business angels and companies at the facilities of the Alexandria Innovation Zone, in Thessaloniki, Greece. 


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More particularly, the Next Stage Challenge 2021 was implemented having the support of Ideas Forward. Next Stage Challenge 2021 was a comprehensive program with the aim to develop and support business ideas from Greece - Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Florina and Pella. The goal of the whole event is the institutionalization of the competition on an annual basis, due to the fact that this kind of competitions can be a significant assistance and boost to the business and start-up ecosystem. 

Results of the Next Stage Challenge 2021:


Early Revenues stage:

- 1st place: SEAMX - Cash prize of € 10,000 from Ideas Forward

An online platform that enables organizers and sponsors of road sports events to offer a top personalized experience to their runners

- 2nd place: FleetPass - Support package (co-working, headquarters, perks) from Alexandria Innovation Zone

Software for managing fleets of vehicles that perform multiple stops daily, automating the planning and tracking of itineraries.


Prototype stage:

- 1st place: AidPlex - Cash prize of € 6,000 from Ideas Forward

Smart device that applies to scoliosis guardians of any type, solving the problem of monitoring the proper use of the guardian to adjust the treatment.

- 2nd place: - Support package (co-working, headquarters, perks) from Alexandria Innovation Zone

Software that improves the results of in vitro fertilization clinics, analyzing fetal images and assessing the likelihood that they will lead to pregnancy.


Idea stage:

- 1st place: METIS - Cash prize of € 4,000 from Ideas Forward

Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in stages I and II, through a low-cost non-invasive diagnostic test, which detects small molecules in urine samples.

- 2nd place: Skolix - Support package (co-working, headquarters, perks) from Alexandria Innovation Zone

Production of animal protein from insects for use in animal feed and food supplements, based on sustainable breeding of mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor).


The project, is co-financed by the European Union and national resources of the participating countries, and coordinated by the Alexandria Innovation Zone, the SEERC, research centre of CITY College, the High-tech Business Park "Technopolis of Thessaloniki", the University of Science and Technology "Apostolos Pavlos”, the NCDIEL (National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Learning) and the YES Foundation.



Prof. Panayiotis Ketikidis


Mr. Nikos Zaharis



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