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Boosting innovation through capacity building and networking of science centres in the SEE region

Project Concept


In the broader South East European region, innovation scores low. Proper conditions that could bridge research, education & business are missing and the area is characterized by a weak culture for innovation. Although there are excellent chances for innovative business development, because of the universities and high technology companies that are located in the countries represented in the SEE Science project, their potential to improve social climate for new developments is underexploited. To reflect the problems and the needs of the SEE area, a transnational partnership was formed to define and carry out joint interventions in the framework of the SEE Science project.

The SEE Science project is a South East European project aiming at the increase of public awareness on the importance of natural sciences, technology and innovation as key determinants of economic growth. The project specifically aims to wake the interest of young people for science, technology and innovation, by networking Science Centres in the SEE region and increasing the visibility and accessibility of technical and natural sciences. In today’s changing world, the cooperation is becoming even more important in many areas of the economy, therefore the network of Science Centres can promote a culture for innovation tomorrow by targeting young people today!

Science Centres have to become catalysts for innovation. The capacity building of these institutions and efficient knowledge sharing are necessary. Capitalizing on best European practices and introducing new approaches the SEE Science project takes an active part in the reformulation of the role of the Science Centres. To this end a number of Science Festivals are planned throughout the SEE region, as well as a virtual SEE Science Centre will be created.

The SEE Science project wants to contribute to make the SEE region to better meet the core challenges of economic prosperity. We trust that the practice-oriented knowledge resulting from SEE Science project will help to increase the interest for sciences and innovation

Project Results

The planned SEE Science Festivals will directly contribute to raising public awareness on science and technology. The festivals intend to create a more inclusive environment and make innovation more accessible to the wider public. It will provide a platform for young people and their families to explore different aspects of innovation through "learning by doing" activities. The most important aim is to turn these events into a sustainable instrument (e.g. annual/bi-annual events) to support the image formation of SEE as a place of innovation and growth.
The virtual SEE Science Centre will be operated by the project partners through an ICT platform. It will enable each partner to use applications that wake enthusiasm for scientific education, tackle information gaps in the area of technology and innovation, encourage visitors to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, and diminish fears concerning new technologies. SEE Science Centre will also ‘broadcast’ the SEE Science Festivals online.


01/04/2011 - 31/03/2014

SEERC Budget

214.235 €


South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme


Participating Researchers

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