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 8th Workshop on Membrane Computing

(WMC8-Thessaloniki, Greece, June 25 - June 28, 2007)
under the auspices of
The European Molecular Computing Consortium - EMCC


 Editors: George Eleftherakis, Petros Kefalas, Gheorghe Paun


Invited Presentations

Luca Bianco: Psim: A computational platform for metabolic P systems 

Pierluigi Frisco: Advances in modeling the dynamics of HIV infection with conformon-P systems 

Alberto Leporati: Quantum UREM P systems: Background, definition and computational power 

Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini: The calculus of looping sequences for modelling biological membranes 

Gheorghe Stefan: Membrane computing in Connex environment 

Regular Presentations

A. Alhazov,Y.Rogozhin: Skin output in P systems with minimal symport/antiport and two membranes 

B. Aman,G.Ciobanu: On the reachability problem in P systems with mobile membranes 

L. Bernardinello,N.Bonzanni,M.Mascheroni,L.Pomello: Modeling symport/antiport P systems with a class of hierarchical Petri nets 

F. Bernardini,M.Gheorghe,F.J.Romero-Campero,N.Walkinshaw: A hybrid approach to modelling biological systems 

B. Bonchis,C.Izbasa,G.Ciobanu: Information theory over multisets 

N. Busi: Causality in membrane systems 

M. Cardona,M.A.Colomer,M.J.Perez-Jimenez,A.Zaragoza: Hierarchical clustering with membrane computing 

R. Ceterchi,M.J.Perez-Jimenez,A.I.Tomescu: Simulating the bitonic sort on a 2D-mesh with P systems 

L. Cienciala,L.Ciencialova,A.Kelemenova: On the number of agents in P colonies 

G. Ciobanu,M.Gontineac: Networks of Mealy multiset automata 

G. Ciobanu,D.Lucanu: What is an event for membrane systems? 

E. Csuhaj-Varju,G.Vaszil: P systems with string objects and with communication by request 

G. Delzanno,L.VanBegin: On the dynamics of PB systems with volatile membranes 

D.Diaz-Pernil,M.A.Gutierrez-Naranjo,M.J.Perez-Jimenez,A.Riscos-Nunez: A cellular solution to subset sum using division of non-elementary membranes and dissolution, with time and initial resources bounded by log k 

R. Freund,S.Verlan: A formal framework for P systems 

P. Frisco: Conformon-P systems with negative values 

A. Gutierrez,L.Fernandez,F.Arroyo,G.Bravo: Optimizing membrane system implementation with multisets and evolution rules compression 

T.Hinze,S.Hayat,T.Lenser,N.Matsumaru,P.Dittrich: Hill kinetics meets P systems: A case study on gene regulatory networks as computing agents in silico and in vivo 

M. Ionescu, D. Sburlan: Some applications of spiking neural P systems 

J. Kelemen: Plain talk about language-theoretic models of multi-agent systems 

A.Leporati,C.Zandron,C.Ferretti,G.Mauri: Solving numerical NP-complete problems with spiking neural P systems 

T. Mazza: Towards a complete covering of SBML functionalities  

D.Molteni,C.Ferretti,G.Mauri: Frequency membrane systems  

N.Murphy,D.Woods: Active membrane systems without charges and using only symmetric elementary division characterize P  

V.Nguyen,D.Kearney,G.Gioiosa: Balancing performance, flexibility and scalability in a parallel computing platform for membrane computing applications  

A. Obtulowicz: Multigraphical membrane systems: a visual formalism for modeling complex systems in biology and evolving neural networks

A.Paun,A.Rodriguez-Paton: On flip-flop membrane systems with proteins

H.Ramesh,R.Rama: Rewriting P systems with conditional communication: improved hierarchies

J.M.Sempere,D.Lopez: Characterizing membrane structures through multiset tree automata 

I.Stamatopoulou,P.Kefalas,M.Gheorghe:OPERASCC: An instance of a formal framework for MAS modelling based on population P systems

J.A.Tejedor,L.Fernandez,F.Arroyo,S.Gomez: Algorithm of rules applications based on competitiveness of evolution rules

M.Umeki,Y.Suzuki: Direct simulation of the Oregonator model by using a class of P systems

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